• Exploration au Pôle Nord

     A Visit from Captain Q

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

     On Friday 26th February the CM1 classes in the Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle came together to meet the famous Captain Q (also known as Captain Smith).  He is a helicopter pilot.  In April 2015 he flew his helicopter alone to the True North Pole, the Pole of Inaccessibility and to the Magnetic North Pole.  He is the first person to do this.  He told us all about it.  (Marilou)

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

    His helicopter couldn’t carry enough fuel so he left some fuel on the ice. Then, he put a tracker into a glove and left it with the fuel.  He needed to do this because the icebergs move all the time.  Thanks to the tracker he managed to find the fuel.  It was 15 miles away from where he had left it.  So he got back to England safely. (Hugo)

     The record took him 72 hours and he had only two hours of sleep.               (Taya)

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

    Captain Q has a lot of courage to be the first person in a helicopter to go to the North Pole.  (Valentin)

     At the North Pole you can walk on the sea.  It is frozen.(Eva)

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

    Captain Q has a watch that is connected to four satellites that will find him if he is lost. (Clémence)

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

     Captain Q and his crew ate a champagne sorbet at the North Pole to celebrate.  (Uma)

    Exploration au Pôle NordCaptain Q went everywhere!  even to South Pôle (Nicolas)

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

     We wrote some rhymes about him…

    “Captain Q, Great Adventurer, Good as New!


    He travelled to the North Pole, that was his Goal.”                                       (Malik)

    “Captain Q, Captain Q,

    In your helicopter, how you flew!

    Above every plane

     Then iced champagne.

    Oh indeed an adventure,

    Passing through censure.


    Soon enough you’ll be up there


    And once more soar through the air!”


    Exploration au Pôle Nord

     We learnt a lot from Captain Q and were inspired by his intrepid spirit.

    Thank you Captain,

    Hope to see you again!

    Exploration au Pôle Nord

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